Jan. 30, 12:30-3:30 pm

The Colors of the Stone Gem & Bead Show, Location: Booth 318
Casino Del Sol, 5655 West Valencia Rd Tucson, AZ
Class is limited to 10 seats.

How do people find out about your work? How can you find the people that would want to own some of your work? This class will provide some easy ways to get the word out effectively with what works (instead of what doesn't) to get you the biggest return on your time. Save time, discover new resources and put your efforts into where it counts!
As a Social Media Marketing Director and freelance graphic designer, Meredith has had a variety of clients including a regional arts festival, an art studio tour organization, art center, and more. One of the benefits of being an instructor for Craftsy.com is access to info on current marketing trends, marketing training and webinars. This class is jam packed with info anyone can use!

The $50.oo workshop fee includes the teacher fee and multi-page handout.

Cancellation policy: NO refunds after January 5, 2017.
Contact: meredith@mereditharnold.com

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Meredith Arnold ~ Comedian Artist
Easy Marketing Methods
Easy Marketing Methods, $50.00